About SMEV

SMEV is the perfect platform to learn, share and experience as we move forward into an age where alternative energy efficient modes of transportation would be in demand. Electric Vehicle Technology is gaining ground and popularity rapidly. This segment has tremendous potential as it is an environment–friendly, non-polluting means of transportation.

The SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURERS OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES (SMEV) is based at New Delhi, India and comprises of the members from the following category:

  •    Electric- Four /Three Wheeler Manufacturers
  •    Electric- Two Wheeler Manufacturers
  •    Electric Vehicle -Auto Components Manufacturers


Key Objectives of SMEV

SMEV will provide and publish authentic industry data for the Policy makers and the members. Data will be collected from members in a way that preserves secrecy, summarized in reports that show the overall status of sales, production, inventories, prices, and trends.
SMEV proactively assists the certification and regulatory bodies to evolve appropriate safety and engineering standards that will help the manufacturer to ensure safe and suitable product, and protect the Customer and the Dealer.
SMEV will disseminate good ideas and practices. A newsletter, meetings, and other methods will be used to identify best practices and help the members to improve their businesses.
    SMEV will consolidate members at trade shows to promote their products under the SMEV banner to make it simple to identify which show to attend, conserve resources and maximize the usefulness of trade show time and money..
    SMEV will provide leadership for the EV industry