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SMEV is the only registered society in India that supports purely the electric vehicles and actively participates in the formulation of policies and standards of EVs in India. SMEV was established in 2008 and as on July 2018 has 50+ members engaged in the business of Electric Cars, Electric 2 Wheeler’s, Electric Buses, Electric 3 Wheeler’s, Battery & Component Manufacturers.
SMEV has been closely interacting with the government in their National Electric Mobility Plan that targets to create a conducive business environment to put India on the world map of EVs by supporting appropriate vehicle technology, charging infrastructure, battery swapping system etc.
SMEV welcomes Institutions/Organizations/ Individuals/Research firms as its members who would like to be a part of the “ambitious electric vehicle mission”. SMEV also invites membership from prestigious Educational institutions/research organisations/NGOs who have undertaken special projects in the field of Electric Vehicles. In exceptional cases, SMEV grants honorary membership to recognize consistent efforts in the field of EVs.


The membership of SMEV is presently open for Executive, General members and honorary members. Those desirous of the members are required to mail in their particulars in the SMEV application format exhibited in this website that can be sent to enclosed format to info@smev.in. The management committee grants the membership based on the broad criteria as per SMEV objectives exhibited in this website.
An entrant becomes a general member. The general members are eligible to be elected/nominated as executive members after 2 years. A general member can however be a part of technical committee from day 1.
Executive members are eligible to be elected as management committee members after 2 years of being executive members. Executive committee members can participate in SMEV decision-making process and are also privy to certain statistics/data/information held by SMEV.
SMEV also offer Honorary Membership to Institutions, Research Firms and NGOs, without any financial obligation.
SMEV Membership Fee Structure Fee Fee
  Joining Annual
Founding Committee Members (MC) N/A 1,50,000
Executive Members & Chapter Heads (S/W/E) 5,00,000 1,50,000
General Members 2,00,000 1,25,000
Honorary Membership to Institutional / NGO / Special Invitees / Research Firms N/A N/A
*Goods and Service Tax (GST) @ 18% and all other applicable taxes will be levied on the Fee


New members joining SMEV are eligible to be elected to the executive committee after 1 year.
We welcome other Association Members to get affiliated with SMEV.
*Institutions/NGOs can however be part of the executive committee immediately based on the decision of the management committee.