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List of SMEV Members - Category wise (Active-A)
S.No. Segment Organisation DOJ Membership Type Details
1 EV-2W Hero Electric 08-Sep-08 Executive View
2 EV-2W Wardwizard Innovation & Mobility Limited 22-Sep-22 Executive View
3 EV-3W TI Clean Mobility 10-Sep-22 Executive View
4 EV-Component Simpson Co. Ltd 19-Nov-22 Executive View
5 EV-2W AMO Mobility 16-Jun-23 General Awaited
6 EV-2W Benling India 16-Jun-23 General View
7 EV-2W E-royce Motors 18-Mar-23 General View
8 EV-2W Jitendra new EV tech pvt ltd. 17-May-18 General Awaited
9 EV-2W Numerous Motors Private Limited 23-Aug-22 General View
10 EV-2W Quantum Energy 14-Dec-22 General View
11 EV-2W Yulu Bikes pvt. Ltd 19-Aug-22 General View
12 EV-3W Altigreen Propulsion Labs 15-Nov-22 General View
13 EV-Component BAE Systems 19-Jun-22 General View
14 EV-Component Bajaj Motors Ltd 17-Jul-22 General View
15 EV-Component Elektrisola India Pvt Ltd 19-Dec-18 General View
16 EV-Component FCC Clutch India Private Limited 01-Nov-21 General View
17 EV-Component GKN Sinter Metals 18-May-22 General View
18 EV-Component Greenfuel Energy Solution Pvt Ltd 20-Jan-18 General View
19 EV-Component Kabra Extrusiontechnik Limited 17-Nov-18 General View
20 EV-Component LPS Bossard Pvt Ltd 24-Oct-18 General View
21 EV-Component Nitto Denko India Private Limited 11-Sep-17 General View
22 EV-Component Roots Industries India Limited 02-Jan-18 General View
23 EV-Component Rotomotive Powerdrives India Ltd 26-Aug-22 General View
24 EV-Component Steel Strip wheels 18-Dec-22 General Awaited
25 EV-Component Tech-Force Composites Pvt. Ltd. 22-Feb-22 General View
26 EV-Component Uno Minda 04-Sep-22 General View
27 EV-Component Waaree Energies Ltd. 16-Jan-23 General View
28 EV-Services BDO India 14-May-23 General View
29 EV-Services GFCL EV Products Limited 21-Jan-23 General Awaited
30 EV-Services KEI Industries 16-Jun-23 General View
31 EV-Services Kinetic communication 04-Apr-23 General View
List of SMEV Members - Category-wise (Active-B)
32 EV-2W Ajanta Manufacturing Ltd.(E-Bike Division)Oreva Group 30-May-12 Executive View
33 EV-2W Avan Motors Pvt Ltd 27-Mar-18 Executive Awaited
34 EV-2W Avon Cycles 22-Dec-10 Executive Awaited
35 EV-2W Electro therm 03-Feb-11 Executive Awaited
36 EV-2W Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions 25-Dec-16 Executive View
37 EV-2W NDS Eco Motors Private Limited 20-Jun-17 Executive View
38 EV-2W Okaya 19-Dec-18 Executive Awaited
39 EV-2W Terra Motors India Pvt. Ltd 28-Oct-17 Executive Awaited
40 EV-3W Lohia Auto Industries 18-Jul-14 Executive View
41 EV-4W/3W Shigan Evoltz Ltd 05-Dec-17 Executive View
42 EV-Component BASF Catalysts India Pvt. Limited 26-Dec-17 Executive View
43 EV-Component Bosch Group of companies 23-Jun-17 Executive Awaited
44 EV-Component Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd 10-Jul-18 Executive View
45 EV-Component Infineon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd 07-Sep-17 Executive View
46 EV-Component Kalyani powertrain 12-Dec-19 Executive View
47 EV-Component Minda Corporation Ltd 16-Mar-17 Executive Awaited
48 EV-Services GAIL (India) Ltd. 19-Jul-19 Executive Awaited
49 EV-Services Indian Oil Corporation 06-Apr-18 Executive View
50 EV-Services SUN Mobility 07-Nov-17 Executive View
51 EV-Services TATA CHEMICALS Ltd. 11-Jun-19 Executive Awaited
52 EV-2W EV Techo Electra Motors Pvt Ltd. 01-Aug-19 General Awaited
53 EV-2W Lectro E-mobility Pvt. Ltd. 27-Jun-19 General Awaited
54 EV-2W MIRAKLE-5 Automobiles pvt ltd 18-Jan-18 General Awaited
55 EV-2W Okinawa Autotech Pvt Ltd 28-Oct-16 General Awaited
56 EV-2W Omjay EV Ltd. 22-Feb-19 General Awaited
57 EV-2W Revolt motors 03-Mar-18 General View
58 EV-2W Shema E-Vehicle & Solar Pvt. Ltd 31-Aug-17 General View
59 EV-2W Tunwal Electronics 04-Jun-15 General View
60 EV-2W Velev Motors India Pvt Ltd. 11-Jun-19 General Awaited
61 EV-2W/3W SuperEco Automotive 18-Oct-17 General Awaited
62 EV-2W/3W/4W Electrie-One Auto Pvt Ltd. 25-Mar-16 General Awaited
63 EV-3W Atul Auto Limited 19-Sep-17 General Awaited
64 EV-3W Etron Electric Motor Pvt Ltd 22-Feb-19 General Awaited
65 EV-3W J S Auto Pvt Ltd 24-Jan-19 General View
66 EV-3W Keto Motors 27-Jul-20 General View
67 EV-3W PIAGGIO Vehicles Pvt Ltd 18-Apr-19 General View
68 EV-4W Pixy Electric Cars Pvt Ltd 07-Oct-17 General View
69 E- buses Olectra Greenteech Ltd 16-Dec-21 General View
70 EV-Component ACME Cleantech Solutions Private Limited 11-Nov-16 General View
71 EV-Component Advance Cable Technologies (P) Ltd 29-Jan-18 General View
72 EV-Component Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited 25-Oct-18 General View
73 EV-Component Delta Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. 04-May-18 General Awaited
74 EV-Component Fusion Power System 18-Apr-15 General Awaited
75 EV-Component Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Pvt Ltd 28-Dec-18 General View
76 EV-Component Global Powersource India Pvt. Ltd 16-Oct-18 General Awaited
78 EV-Component Livguard Energy 26-Dec-19 General View
78 EV-Component LORD India Pvt. Ltd 11-Oct-17 General View
79 EV-Component Lucas-TVS Limited 11-Sep-18 General Awaited
80 EV-Component Maa Luxmi E-Vehicles Pvt Ltd 31-Dec-21 General View
81 EV-Component Marsilli India Pvt. Ltd. 18-Jul-18 General Awaited
82 EV-Component Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd 28-Nov-17 General Awaited
83 EV-Component PPAP Automotive Ltd 08-Aug-18 General View
84 EV-Component SEG Automotive India Private Limited 21-Jun-19 General Awaited
85 EV-Component Sehgal Elmoto Ltd. 03-Sep-14 General View
86 EV-Component SUNBEAM Auto Pvt Ltd 27-Apr-18 General Awaited
87 EV-Component Sundram fasteners ltd. 01-Aug-18 General Awaited
88 EV-Component Trinity Energy Systems (P) Ltd 11-Dec-17 General Awaited
89 EV-Component Trontek Group 16-May-19 General View
90 EV-Component Versatile Auto Components Private Limited 18-Jan-18 General View