Management Committee Members
S.NO Organisation Manufacturer Profile
1 Hero Electric EV-2W
2 Mahindra Electric EV-4W
3 Electrotherm EV-2W/ 3W
4 Avon Cycles EV-2W

Executive Members
S.NO Organisation Manufacturer Profile
1 Ather Energy EV-2W
2 Ampere Vehicles Private Ltd. EV-2W/3W
3 Lohia Auto Industries EV-2W/3W
4 Ajanta Manufacturing Ltd.(E-Bike Division) EV-2W
5 Tork Motors Pvt Ltd EV-2W
6 Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions EV-2W/3W
7 Smart Dreams Pvt Ltd EV-4W/Buses
8 NDS Eco Motors Private Limited EV-2W
9 Bosch Group of companies EV-Component
10 Infineon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd EV-Component
11 Terra Motors India Pvt. Ltd EV-3W/2W
12 Ashok Leyland Limited EV-Buses
13 Shigan Evoltz Ltd EV-4W/3W/Component
14 Tata Motors Limited EV-4W
15 Avan Motors Pvt ltd EV-2W
16 Indian Oil Corporation EV- Services

General Members
S.NO Organisation Manufacturer Profile
1 Sehgal Elmoto Ltd. EV-Component
2 Fusion Power System EV-Component
3 Tunwal Electronics EV-2W
4 Electrie-One Auto Pvt Ltd EV-2W/3W/4W
5 Okinawa Autotech Pvt Ltd EV-2W
6 Minda Corporation Ltd EV-Component
7 Trontek Group EV-Component
8 ACME Cleantech Solutions Private Limited EV-Component
9 Nitto Denko India Private Limited EV-Component
10 Shema E-Vehicle & Solar Pvt. Ltd EV-2W/3W
11 Pixy Electric Cars Pvt Ltd EV-4W
12 LORD India Pvt. Ltd EV-Component
13 SUN Mobility EV- Services
14 SuperEco Automotive EV-2W/3W
15 Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd EV-Component
16 Trinity Energy Systems (P) Ltd EV-Component
17 BASF Catalysts India Pvt. Limited EV-Component
18 Roots Industries India Limited EV-Component
19 Versatile Auto Components Private Limited EV-Component
20 MIRAKLE-5 Automobiles pvt ltd EV-2W/ 3W
21 Advance Cable Technologies (P) Ltd EV-Component
22 Greenfuel Energy Solution Pvt Ltd EV-Component
23 Jitendra new EV tech pvt ltd. EV-2W/ 3W
24 SUNBEAM Auto Pvt Ltd EV- Component
25 Greaves Cotton Limited EV- Component
26 Delta Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. EV- Component

Associations /Institutions Members
S.NO Organisation Manufacturer Profile
1 International Copper Association India Copper Alliance
2 University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) Institution
3 Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (F A D A) Association
4 Centre for Battery Engineering and Electric Vehicles- IIT- Madras Institution
5 The Energy and Resources Institute Institution

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